The Lycée Comte de Foix declared results of state exams in DELF-DALF French for the students living in Andorra

delf-dulfThe Lycée Comte de Foix in Andorra la Vella declared results of state exams in DELF-DALF French for the students living in Andorra. Within the general education program six levels of French according to all-European standard were offered to students for studying: A1 (Elementary), A2 (Pre-Intermediate), B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Upper intermediate), C1 (Advanced) and C2 (Proficient).

According to the inspector of Academy of France delegated to Andorra (Pyrenees), Michel Maginot in 2014-2015 academic year in Lycée Comte de Foix 437 students – persons were registered, is more senior than 16 years. From them 420 students were allowed to take examinations. Successfully passed examination 331 students (78,81%). Thus the A1 and A2 levels 100% of students passed, the B1 level – 95,06% of students, B2 – 67,27% of students, C1 – 76,19% of students, C2 – 70% of students. As for students younger than 16 years, examination was passed by 111 of 115 people: the A2 level was confirmed by 96,97% of students, the B1 level – 96,34% of students.

Lycée Comte de Foix – the only educational institution in the territory of Andorra giving the chance of studying of French on courses on preparation for examinations in higher educational institutions of France. Educational courses in lyceum are free. Signing up in groups takes place annually from September 1 to September 9. Examination is uniform for all educational institutions of France, it is accepted in the certified examination centers in 130 countries of the world. Examination cost in Andorra – €30.

DELF – an abbreviation from Diplôme d’études en langue française, DALF – Diplôme approfondi de langue française. These international diplomas in French are recognized around the world and are confirmation of knowledge of French by foreigners. Since the DELF B2 level students have the right to enter higher educational institutions of France.

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