Delage Type D8-15. V8. Red sedan

The Delage D8 was an eight-cylinder luxury car produced by Delage between 1929 and 1940.

The 4061 cc engine of the original D8 placed it in the 23CV car tax band which also defined its position high up in the market hierarchy.

Delage provided rolling chassis to be bodied and fitted out by prestigious carroussiers such as Letourneur et Marchand and Chapron operating (in most cases) in the Paris area. The result was that the D8 appeared, throughout its life, in a wide variety of (frequently) elegant coupé, cabriolet, sedan/saloon or roadster shapes.

Two versions of the D8 were launched: the “D8 Normale” and the short-wheelbase “D8 S”.

The “D8 Normale” was offered in three different wheelbase lengths: 3,167 mm (124.7 in), 3,467 mm (136.5 in), and 4,066 mm (160.1 in) – which would accommodate body lengths of more than 5 meters. The short-wheelbase “D8 S” was optimized for manoeuvrability and handling in sports car applications.

Both versions were produced till 1933.

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