Day Star Wealth Management announced the issue of bonds for 70 mln Swiss francs

Day Star Wealth Management SA—a Swiss financial group, that 100% belongs to the shareholders from Andorra, announced the issue of bonds for the sum of 70 mln Swiss francs. The bonds will be placed on the market by means of public subscriptions for 10-year term (bond expiry date—the end of 2024). Annual bond yield is 5,125%.

Day Star Wealth Management is a holding company that provides loans and investment products, assets management and financial consulting in the sphere of “unconventional” assets – the objects of applied and pictorial art.

Within the bounds of this project, the company works with the leading banks of the world. Currently, 51 mln $ is under the management of Day Star Wealth Management (Suisse) SA, at that in accordance to the results of 2014 it is planned to increase this sum twice. The management of the company is assured that the interest to the art-market will grow in the next years, art objects will become more requested from the point of view of assets diversification. In 2013 the investments in the global market of paintings and art objects increased by 55%.

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