Day of protests in Spain: truckers and taxis rally against soaring fuel prices

The rising costs of energy, including fuel, is resulting in increasingly large demonstrations in Barcelona (SpainCatalonia) by sectors particularly affected.

On Wednesday, several protests coincided as truck drivers continue their indefinite strike for the tenth consecutive day, while taxi drivers performed a slow drive protest in the morning.

From around 9 am, several trucks halted traffic on Ronda Litoral, the Catalan capital’s ring road running along the sea, near the Zona Franca industrial area.

Truckers also blocked access to the port in the early morning, repeating their action on Tuesday.

The ongoing strike is called by an entity called Platform in Defense of the Transport Sector, with other associations such as Fenadismer backing it.

In parallel, taxi drivers began a slow drive from Barcelona El Prat airport at 9 am, and they are expected to finish outside the Catalan parliament, in the heart of the city, at noon or early afternoon, causing heavier road traffic than usual.

In the afternoon, other rallies are called at Barcelona’s Plaça Urquinaona at 6 pm, as well as in Girona (at 7 pm outside the Spanish government delegation’s seat), Lleida (at Plaça de la Pau at 6 pm), and Tarragona (at Estàtua dels Despullats at 6 pm).

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