Dassault Falcon 10: French business jet

The Dassault Mystère/Falcon 10 is an early corporate jet aircraft developed by French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation.

Despite its numbering sequence it was actually developed after the Falcon 20, and although it is sometimes considered as a scaled-down version of that aircraft, it was totally redesigned with a non-circular fuselage, a new wing with slotted flaps, a split passenger door and many simplified circuits compared to the Falcon 20.

Production began in 1971 and ceased in 1989, but it remains a popular business jet on the second hand market.

By 2018, Falcon 10s from the 1970s were priced at $300,000 to $600,000.


  • Minifalcon. This was the original name of the Dassault Falcon 10.
  • Falcon 10. Executive transport aircraft.
  • Falcon 10MER. Seven aircraft used by the French Navy as instrument trainers, VIP transports, and communications and liaison aircraft. MER stood for ‘Marine Entraînement Radar – Navy Radar Training’.
  • Falcon 100. Designed to replace the Falcon 10, the Series 100 had an increased takeoff weight, larger luggage compartment, and glass cockpit.

Made in France by Société des Avions Marcel Dassault Bréguet

First flight: 1970

Capacity: 4-7 passengers

Engine: 2 Garret TFE 731-2 jet engines

Speed: 490 knots (910 km/h)

Range: 2795 nautical miles (5176 km)

Ceiling: 30,000 ft (9114 m)

Aeroscopia (Toulouse)

Check Dassault Falcon 20C from the French Air Force test unit in Montelimar Aviation Museum.

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