DAF 460 XF

The DAF 460 XF is a heavy-duty commercial truck produced by the Dutch company DAF Trucks. It is designed for long-distance haulage and delivers excellent power and performance. It features advanced technologies like fuel-efficient engines, aerodynamic designs, and lightweight construction materials to deliver improved fuel economy and low running costs.

DAF trucks are known for their reliability and long service life, making them a popular choice for commercial operators. The DAF 460 XF comes with a spacious and comfortable cabin equipped with modern amenities to ensure the driver’s comfort and safety during long hauls.

Country: Netherlands

Year: 2019

Engine: PACCAR MX-13

Engine specs: 6 cylinders; 12,900 cc

Power: 460 HP

Max speed: 90 km/h

Fuel consumption: 27 l/100 km

Weight: 44 t

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