The 11th season of Saturday’s cultural entertainment starts at the Center of Arts in Escaldes-Engordany (CAEE)

caee-andorraThe 11th season of Saturday’s cultural entertainment starts at the Center of Arts (Escaldes-Engordany), (CAEE) . The organizers of the events of this season are the ministry of Culture of Andorra and CAEE. The entertainment is designed for children who will be offered to know art in a fun playful way.

The season will start with a study of the works of Pablo Picasso: his graphics and ceramics. Young visitors will have a master class in the footsteps of the great artist. The event starts at 10.30 and finishes at 12.30. The master class is designed for children aged 6 to 11 years. The price is 3€.

Saturday’s events will last until may 2017. Master class devoted to studying works of Miguel Cervantes and his works “Don Quijote de la Mancha” will be held on 15th October.

The next workshop, which will explore the cultural traditions of Mexico and the etymology of its national holiday “All Saints”, is scheduled for 12th November.

Young participants will be able to get acquainted with the art of Van Gogh on 3d December, with the work of German artist Hannah Höch – on 11th February. The cycle will end on 20th May – this day will be dedicated to art works of the Amazons and women’s role in the arts.

In addition, a seminar on astronomy, devoted to the study of stars and planets will take place on 21st January.
A workshop on study of the characteristics of thermal water is scheduled for March 18th, an open workshop on study Andorran water resources (Escaldes) is planned for April 29th.

A part of the season will be dedicated to the culinary arts. A master class where children will be able to prepare a breakfast is scheduled for 8th October, on 19th November kids will be taught to make 5 o’clock cookies, on 4th February they will be offered to make a pizza and on 27th May 27 – a birthday cake.

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