The Council of Ministers of Andorra approved the creation of a new educational course “tourist consultant”

The Government of Andorra approved the creation of a new training course “tourist consultant”. The authors of the project are four ministries of the Principality: the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainable development. The new course is based on the teaching of disciplines related to the acquisition of a specialty guide and cultural worker, but assumes a more global knowledge in the area of tourism itself.

A new specialty is the response to the request of the Association of Tourist Guides of Andorra, which appealed to the Government of the principality with a request for the training of qualified personnel capable of promoting Andorra in the world market in terms of tourism.

The course lasts 70 hours and is divided into five modules. It will combine theoretical and practical studies in the field of the world natural heritage, cultural heritage, as well as background information.

Graduates of the course should be able to correctly inform tourists and offer the best individual routes.

The first course begins in November 2017. Anyone at the age of 18 years are invited to participate.

Graduates of the course will receive a certificate from the Government of Andorra (Pyrenees).

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