Concert house by Kochneva in St. Petersburg

Concert house by Kochneva is one of the best monuments of civil architecture in St. Petersburg from the beginning of the 19th century. To date, the House of Kochneva, along with the State Variety Theater by Arkady Raikin, is the central stage of the “Petersburg Concert”.

House No. 41 stands out for its architectural heritage on the Fontanka embankment, known among the city’s historians as “Kochneva’s House”. Only during the years of the siege of Leningrad it was possible to find documents about the past of this building. It turned out that it was built in 1805-1808 for the merchant F. Ilyin by the architect Luigi Rusca.

The facade of the house is designed in traditional forms of classicism. Of considerable value are the decorative decoration of the interiors of the second floor, the surviving fragments of wall painting and the design of the lobby, the artistic tiled treatments of the hall, the bas-relief frieze, parquets and other decorative elements, in the creation of which such prominent masters as I. I. Terebenev participated (he is a co-author sculptural decoration of the facade of the Admiralty) and the painter Giovanni (aka Ivan Karlovich) Scotty.

The creative activity of the Petersburg Concert focuses on three forms of art:

1. Philharmonic music;
2. Theatrical performances;
3. Stage.

The repertoire of the House of Kochneva includes classical instrumental and vocal works by Russian and foreign composers, classical and modern theatrical performances, bold interpretations and adaptations of the classical theatrical repertoire.

In the House of Kochneva, all halls are without numbering of seats.

Only entrance tickets are sold.

191023, St. Petersburg, emb. Fontanka River, 41

Entrance to the Kochneva House from the Fontanka Embankment.

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