The airport in the spanish city of La Seu D’Urgell (9 km from the border between Andorra and Spain) will start serving commercial flights on July 18, 2015.

The airport in the spanish city of La Seu D’Urgell, 9 km from the border between Andorra (Pyrenees) and Spain, Catalonia, will start serving commercial flights on July 18, 2015. First time air traffic will be possible between two cities — La Seu D’Urgell with Madrid and Palma.

Later regular flights to Barcelona, Ibiza and Toulouse (France) will be launched.

Thus, the airport needed more than six months from the moment of official opening to prepare all necessary for service of commercial passenger flights.

Travel agencies have already presented in the market 4 options of tour packages to Andorra on July 18 and 25 and on August 1 and 8. It is already known that a week trip from Palma de Majorca and Madrid to Andorra will cost from 450 euro per person: air ticket cost, a transfer to hotel, accommodation, visit to Caldea SPA resort, a ticket to Cirque du Soleil show. These packages are for test: plans of travel agencies for the forthcoming ski season will depend on their results.

Commercial aircrafts which will serve these flights are the property of the Spanish company Swiftair. Now it works within Europe, and also in the countries of Africa and the Middle East. The park of the company consists of Boeing-727 aircrafts and 737, MD83, ATR-72/42, Embraer 120 and Metroliner. The company was created in 1986. Now staff of Swiftair exceeds 400 employees, the park consists of 30 aircrafts. Business of the company is focused, generally on corporate clients and tour operators.

It is supposed that the ATR-72 planes will fly to Andorra. ATR-72 — the passenger liners for medium-haul flights equipped with two turbohèlix engines. Capacity – 74 places, however, considering features of the airport of La Seu-D’Urgell number of passengers will be limited by 55 (thus baggage weight will be also limited).

The Government of Andorra officially supports the beginning of implementation of commercial flights.

Official data of SWIFTAIR.

Country: Spain

Flights in Spain and to the nearby countries
Code: SWT
Address: Ingeniero Torres Quevedo 14, Pol.Ind. Fin de Semana, Ctra. Madrid-Barcelona Km 13, 100, 28022 Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34 91 748 07 60
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