The Ministry for Finances of Andorra published the list of winners of design contest for the “national side” of euro coins development

andorra_coin_casa_de_la_vall_201470 thousand sets of euro coins of Andorra will be minted in 2014. The Minister for Finances Jordi Cinca stated in his interview to that the total number of Andorra’s coins planned to be minted during the first year of issue – 2.4 million pieces, in money terms it will make up 271.6 thousand euro. The contest on “national side” design was announced in Andorra—reverse side (obverse side of all euro area countries is identical).

The Ministry for Finances published the list of the winners: 1. Ruben Da Silva. His image of a chamois (the animal depicted on the national emblem of Andorra) will adorn low-denomination coins – 1,2 and 5 cents; 2) Design company Moles Disseny. The Commission approved its idea to place the tower of St. Martin church in La Cortinada and the holy face of Saint Martin of Tours on the coins in the denominations of 10, 20 and 50 cents pieces. 3. Jordi Puy, that depicted a former Parliament Casa de la Vall (House of Valleys) on 1 euro coin. This year it is also planned to issue 2 euro coin, however, the design of the coin is not determined yet, – said the Minister for Finances. First Andorran coins will be minted in October 2013 in France and Spain. And by the end of the year the money will be distributed between 5 banks of the Principality. 20% of the issued coins will be reserved for the sale into collections (the sets: brilliant uncirculated).

The Principality of Andorra, the penultimate of the «diminutive states» of Europe, which introduces the Common European Currency. The Principality of Liechtenstein has no plans to adopt euro as the main currency, in preference to Swiss franc.

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