Clinical military hospital in St. Petersburg

The building of Marine and land hospital – Clinical military hospital in St. Petersburg is located on Pirogovskaya Embankment, 6 (Neva river).

In 1719, the architect D. Trezzini received an order: to dismantle the wooden hospital on the Vyborg side and make a stone one in this place. The total length of the Sea and land hospital was about 300 meters – it was one of the largest buildings in Petrovsky island in St. Petersburg. Its construction was completed in 1732.

In the 1860s it was decided to rebuild the long two-story hospital building, designed by D. Trezzini, in accordance with the new functional requirements that developed in the second half of the 19th century. The restructuring was carried out in 1863-1873 by military engineer G. S. Voynitsky.

The building was remodeled inside. Its long, two-story buildings built by Trezzini retained their former wall structures, but the central building and short domed side buildings were rebuilt and became three-story.

The facades of the building of the Clinical Military Hospital (as it began to be called when it became part of the Imperial Medical and Surgical Academy) in the process of restructuring received a new architectural treatment, but very restrained, corresponding to the function of the building and to some extent in line with the trends that were present in the architecture of public buildings Peter’s era. It should be especially noted that in the current three-dimensional structure of the building, as before, the architectural composition set by D. Trezzini continues to be felt.


1719-1732 – architect Trezzini D.

1863-1873 – military engineer Voynitsky Genrikh Stanislavovich – redesign.

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