We offer bottled clean air – an essential element of life, explains Ana Socías, Founder of ESSENTIALAIR®

Ana Socías, Founder of ESSENTIALAIR®:

ESSENTIALAIR® specializes in filling bottles with clean, breathable air from the territories of the Ordino World Biosphere Reserve, which is under UNESCO’s protection.

ESSENTIALAIR® is a product for human consumption. These are high-quality compressed clean air bottles that provide 130 to 160 breaths of pure Pyrenean air. Our goal is to spread the word about this wellness product, thereby opening access to a breath of clean, fresh air from Andorra for the whole world.

Air pollution is a serious problem. Various institutional organizations around the world have already warned of the problems that air pollution poses to health today. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that 99% of the world’s people breathe polluted air and that seven million of them die every year due to the pollution of the air they breathe.

We are lucky to live in an idyllic natural environment.

This is a very sophisticated process, and in collaboration with world-renowned engineering brands, we manage to pack this clean, breathable air.

Andorra is home to exceptional natural resources, from pristine lakes and rivers to forests and mountains. With its rich biodiversity, our country boasts of having the cleanest air in the world.

We take the air in different areas of Andorra, always considering the most suitable conditions and optimizing the process according to the season.

So that’s why ESSENTIALAIR® Clean Air Bottles will help you experience natural happiness and a unique sense of renewal.

We currently have two models: clean air from the natural spaces that UNESCO protects in Andorra and clean air from the Ordino World Biosphere Reserve in Andorra. You will find the first option in a 6.5 l bottle and the second in a smaller 5.2 l bottle.

Taking the air with the utmost care and precision from the mentioned territories of Andorra and filling it with bottles, we use the advantages of patented technology to offer this boundless surge of freshness and divinity with every breath. To this end, we have partnered with the German brand BAUER to guarantee air quality that, in particular, follows the European regulation EN21012 for air and breathing.

In addition, we conduct various tests during the air-taking process and, in the laboratory, to guarantee the quality of our product. Therefore, we explain that this is not only an entertaining article but also an acquaintance with a truly health-improving product created with the help of complex technological processes that guarantee the ability to breathe in the pure mountain air of Andorra”.

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