Classerie castle (fr. Château de la Classerie) is located is Rezé, commune (municipality) and former bishopric in the Loire-Atlantique department in the Pays de la Loire region of western France. It is a southern suburb of Nantes.

The castle was built in the 17th century by the Le Meneust family.

Étienne Mabille des Granges, from a family of royal officials, became the owner of the premises on the eve of the French Revolution. At 83, he was accused by the revolutionary committee of having used his home as a place of retreat for the insurgents, the castle was set on fire, then restored. Commander Banal acquired the property in 1924.

In 1940, the property was requisitioned by the Germans and housed a rest home. At the end of the war, the building was in poor condition, the owners could not afford to restore it. The estate is for sale, it is acquired by the Espérance Sport association in 1958. Since then, the Classerie has housed a school of specialized educators, managed by the Arifts des Pays de la Loire association.

Located 20 minutes by car from Nantes.

Address: 116 Rue de la Classerie, 44400 Rezé, France

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