Citroën B2 Coupé de Ville. Blue version

Citroën B2 Coupé de Ville

The Citroën B2 is the second model produced by Citroën. It is therefore the second European car to have been constructed according to modern mass production technologies. It was produced at André Citroën’s factory in central Paris between May 1921 and July 1926.

The car was manufactured, just five minutes from the Eiffel Tower, in the 15th arrondissement of central Paris at the famous factory in the Quai de Javel (subsequently renamed Quai André-Citroën), which by 1925 was producing at the rate of 200 cars per day, applying techniques then known as “Taylorism” which André Citroën had studied personally and in depth during a visit to Dearborn that he had undertaken during the war in order to master the techniques being applied by Henry Ford for the production of the Model T.

Country: USA

Year: 1923

Production: 89,423 items

Engine: 4 cylinders; 1452 cc

Power: 20 HP

Max speed: 72 km/h

Weight: 850 kg

Roda Roda museum (LleidaCataloniaSpain)

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