Citroën B14 F from 1927 with four cylinders (1536 cc). Max. speed: 80 km/h

The “All Steel” B14 was presented at the October 1926 Motor Show. It represented a decisive technical advance over the B12.

The chassis is lighter, the engine is more flexible and the foot brake now acts on all four wheels.

The technical characteristics:

Inline-4, 1539cc engine with 70×100mm bore – stroke giving 22 real horsepower at 2300 rpm

The valves are lateral and the water cooling without pump (thermosiphon)

Fixed advance ignition by magneto or voltex and 6 V-60 Ah battery

Solex 26HBFG – 26GHF (B14) or 26BFHG (B14F & B14G) carburettor

3-speed non-synchronised gearbox and mechanically operated drum brakes with servo – B14F & B14G. Maximum speed 80 km/h

13×45 Michelin Supercomfort tyre.

The Museum of Automobile in Vendée


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