Cisitalia Type 202 SC. Red cabriolet from 1950 in Monaco car museum

Cisitalia was an Italian sports and racing car brand. The name “Cisitalia” derives from “Compagnia Industriale Sportiva Italia”, a business conglomerate founded in Turin in 1946 by industrialist and sportsman Piero Dusio. One of the most popular cars manufactured by the company, the Cisitalia 202 GT from 1946, is also known as the “rolling sculpture”.

Cisitalia was founded by Piero Dusio in Turin in 1946. The company initially deployed Fiat street car parts as the foundation for their D46. Designed by Dante Giacosa, who had a vast knowledge of Fiat parts as he had designed the 500 Fiat Topolino before WWII, the car featured engine and suspensions from the small Fiat car although substantially modified for racing purposes.

Dry sump lubrication and further tweaks considerably increased the engine’s power to 60-70 bhp. With a spaceframe chassis and weighing under 400 kg (880 lb), the engine was deemed fit for competing at top level. The D46 made a successful debut in 1946, dominating the voiturette series. A pool of talented drivers, including Tazio Nuvolari, drove the D46 to a few victories, beating more advanced but older racing cars.

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