The Great St. Petersburg State Circus

The Great St. Petersburg State Circus (the historical name Cinizelli Circus, or Fontanka Circus are also widely used) is the circus of the city of St. Petersburg, the first stone stationary circus in Russia, one of the oldest circuses in Russia.

Since 1827, in the Engineer Square (in front of the southern facade of the Saint Michael’s Castle) near the Simeonovsky Bridge, there was the Turner circus, adapted in 1828 for theatrical performances. The building had existed until 1842, when it was broken down due to dilapidation.

The modern building of the Circus became the first stone stationary circus of the Russian Empire; it opened on December 26, 1877, managed by Gaetano Ciniselli.

The interiors of the circus were finished with luxury, however, soon after the completion of construction, the building had to be restored: water flowed from the ceiling, it was very stuffy in the hall, which made the visitors unable to stay until the end of the performance. Tickets to the circus were more expensive than to the theater, but the director never made concessions and did not lower prices. However, the circus had a great success.

In 2014-2015, a large-scale reconstruction of the circus was carried out. The foundation and walls were strengthened, the dome of the circus was updated. There were fewer rows in the auditorium, but the location of the seats became more convenient. The orchestra was also moved from the imperial box to its original place (above the curtain).

In 2015, in honor of the bicentenary of Gaetano Ciniselli (the founder of the 1st stone Circus), the building was returned to its original name – Cinizelli Circus. The doors of the Fontanka Circus opened to the public on December 18, 2015.

Address: St. Petersburg, embankment of the Fontanka River, 3. Nearest metro: Nevsky Prospekt.

Working days: daily, 10:00–19:00.

Tickets: from 600 ₽.

The Church of Simeon and Anna, profitable house of P. N. Fokin and Belinsky bridge are located at the same square.

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