Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Vishnyaki

The Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Vishnyaki (also in Veshnyaki, formerly in Veshnyakovo) is a parish church of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Zamoskvorechye district of Moscow at the corner of Pyatnitskaya Street (No. 51) and Vishnyakovskiy Lane. The building was built in several stages in 1804-1811, 1815-1824, 1826 and the fence and buildings of the clergy – in the 1830s. Monument of the architecture of late classicism.

The first church on this site was probably built in the 1630s in connection with the settlement of the city’s southern outskirts by archers, who covered the defensive line of Zemlyanoy Val.

The first stone temple was built in memory of the Battle of Chigirin; permission for construction was received in 1678, but it did not begin until 1686. This temple was expanded with aisles in 1706, 1734, and 1788. The bell tower was placed on the red line of Pyatnitskaya Street, which was much narrower than today.

In 1804, the refectory was built again. At the same time, a new main, single-domed church volume was laid, roughly completed by the beginning of the War of 1812. During the Moscow fire, the church burned down and was restored in rough form in 1815, completely by 1824. In 1826, due to the expansion of Pyatnitskaya Street, the old bell tower was demolished as it interfered with the passage; a new one was built according to the project of F. M. Shestakov and N. I. Kozlovsky. The fence and the clergy houses were completed by 1838.

The church was closed no earlier than 1929 and reopened in 1994 at the St. Tikhon Orthodox Institute.

Working days: daily, 07:00–19:00.

Address: Pyatnitskaya st., 51/4, Moscow.

Nearest metro: Tretyakovskaya, Novokuznetskaya.

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