Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Ozyory

The Church of the Life-Giving Trinity is a functioning temple in the city of Ozyory in the urban district of Kolomna, Moscow Region. The church parish is included in the Ozyorsky deanery district of the Moscow Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The church was built in 1851 at the expense of local manufacturers Morgunov and Shcherbakov. In 1875-1878, it was expanded according to the project of V. O. Grudzin and became a three-altar one.

In the 1930s, the temple was closed, and its bell tower and most of the refectory with two side aisles were broken. In 1947 the church was reopened and consecrated in the name of the Holy Trinity. At the same time, a western vestibule with a porch was built, an iconostasis was made, floors were laid out of metlakh tiles, and wall paintings were updated. Archpriest Anatoly Smirnov conducted all these works (1899-1969).

The church is made in the style of classicism. It has three thrones:

Holy Trinity – Chief
St. Sergius of Radonezh – chapel
Entry into the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary – chapel.

Ozyory is a city in the Moscow region of Russia. Included in the urban district of Kolomna.

The city is located 125 km southeast of Moscow (along the M5 highway – 126 km from the Moscow Ring Road and 132 along the M4), in a small basin on the left bank of the Oka in the region of the Oka-Moscow Plain, stretched along the Oka for 7 km and surrounded by natural coniferous and mixed forests. The city and its environs abound with small lakes, rivers and ponds.

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