Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Ostankino

The Church of the Life-Giving Trinity in Ostankino is a parish church of the Trinity Deanery of the Moscow City Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.

A monument of old Russian religious architecture, one of the culminating points in the development of Moscow patterning. It is remarkable as one of those buildings of the late 17th century whose facades are entirely decorated. Included in the complex of monuments of the museum estate “Ostankino.”

Date of construction: 1677 to 1692. The Tikhvin chapel was consecrated in 1683, the chapel of Alexander Svirsky in 1691, and the Holy Trinity in 1692; the iconostasis dates from the same year, 1692. A porch and a gallery were added to the temple as a bell tower with a tented completion.

The hipped completion of the bell tower was dismantled in 1739 and by 1754 had been replaced by a new, two-tiered one in the Baroque style. In 1856, the iconostasis of the temple was repaired under the supervision of the architect M. D. Bykovsky. In 1877-1878, at the direction of Count A.D. Sheremetev, the architects N.V. Serebryakov and N.V. Sultanov completely restored the temple and returned the tent completion to the bell tower, more suitable in style to the temple’s architecture.

The temple’s silhouette was then enriched with other additions in the Russian style: a rich tent was erected above the porch, which was covered with just two slopes, reminiscent of the vestibules of Yaroslavl churches.

Address: Moscow, Pervaya Ostankinskaya street, 7с2. Telecenter monorail station.

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