Church of St. John the Warrior on Yakimanka

Church of St. John the Warrior on Yakimanka in Moscow – an Orthodox church in honor of the martyr John the Warrior; is administered by the Russian Orthodox Church.

The temple building was erected in 1704-1713, during the reign of Peter the Great.

The temple has never been closed for worship.

The architecture of the building combines elements of Moscow baroque styles with Ukrainian baroque and European influences common in Russian architecture during the time of Peter the Great. The architect remained unknown; the resemblance to the Menshikov Tower suggests the work of Ivan Zarudny.

The main building is a traditional Moscow octagon in a square (an octagon on a quadrangle). However, two coaxial octagons are presented, each crowning half of the dome.

Working hours: Mon-Sat 07:30–19:00; Sun 06:30–19:30.

Address: Bolshaya Yakimanka, 46, building 1, Moscow.

Nearest metro: Polyanka, Tretyakovskaya, Oktyabrskaya.

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