Christmas transport: snow removal equipment by MERCEDES-BENZ Unimog 406

The Unimog 406 is a vehicle of the Unimog-series by Mercedes-Benz. A total of 37,069 units were manufactured by the Daimler-Benz AG in the Unimog plant in Gaggenau from 1963 to 1989. The 406 was the first medium duty Unimog, having a larger wheelbase of 2380 mm and more than twice the engine power of the Unimog 401. Unlike the initial Unimog, the 406 does not have a car engine but a heavy duty truck engine instead.

Several following Unimog versions were based on the 406. There were eleven different types made of the Unimog 406, which were available in four models (U 65 – U 84) with a closed two-door or four-door cab, as Cabrio and as an OEM part (a “half” Unimog lacking the rear part, as a basis for third party vehicle manufacturers).

During its long production period, the 406 received several technical refinements. In 1964, the precombustion chamber diesel engine OM 312 was replaced with the direct injected OM 352. Disc brakes followed in 1973. For many enthusiasts, the Unimog 406 represents the classical Unimog, having agricultural and silvicultural applications. It was successful and the best embodiment of the word Universal-Motor-Gerät considering all prior Unimogs.


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