CHPP-12 power plant in Moscow

CHPP-12 is a power plant in Moscow. Located on Berezhkovskaya embankment. CHPP-12 is part of Mosenergo PJSC.

Key performance indicators of CHPP-12 as of 01.01.2022:

Installed capacity, MW 412.0

Electricity generation, million kWh (per year) 2736.5

Installed thermal power, Gcal/h 2043

Heat supply, thousand Gcal (per year) 3036.5

CHPP-12 is located in the Dorogomilovo district of the Western Administrative District of Moscow, a branch of CHPP-12 – CHPP-7 is located in the Presnensky District of the Central Administrative District of Moscow.

The main type of fuel is gas, the reserve is fuel oil. The main task of CHPP-12 is a reliable power supply to the central districts of the city.

CHPP-12 accounts for 4.26% of electricity generation and 4.86% of heat output from the total energy supply for the company.

The main fuel is gas. Reserve: fuel oil

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