ЧМЭ3 (чехословацкий маневровый тепловоз (Czechoslovakian shunter diesel locomotive) с электрической передачей (with electric transmission), 3-й тип (third type)) is a diesel locomotive produced by the Czechoslovak company ČKD Praha used for maneuvering railway vehicles over short distances.

On its basis, a European gauge diesel locomotive was created for the railways of Czechoslovakia itself (ČSD) of the T669 series, which differed mainly in the gauge width and type of coupling.

The insufficient power and adhesion weight of the ChME2 for shunting work with freight trains led to the need to design and build more powerful diesel locomotives at the ČKD Praha factories. A decision was made to build six-axle shunting diesel locomotives with electric transmission for the railways of the Soviet Union. At the end of 1963, three experimental locomotives were built, designated ChME3.

In the Soviet Union, experimental diesel locomotives ChME3 were sent for shunting work at the Lyublino station on the Moscow railway. Since 1965, the ČKD-Praha factories began serial production of ChME3 for delivery to the USSR.

Subsequently, certain changes were made to the design of the diesel locomotive, for example, a device for control by one person was introduced.

Assembly: Českomoravská Kolben-Daněk Praha (Czechoslovakia)

Years of production: 1963—1994

Production: 7459 units

Length: 17 220 mm

Width: 3120 mm

Height: 4637 mm

Track gauge: 1520/1435 mm

Powerplant: K6S310DR (diesel)

Power: 1350 HP

Traction force: 280 kN

Max speed: 95 km/h

Weight: 123 t

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