St. Petersburg Children’s School of Arts named after M.L. Rostropovich

St. Petersburg Children’s School of Arts named after M.L. Rostropovich. (St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution of Additional Education).

Founded in 1918.

House number 8 on Izmailovsky Prospekt, which the school currently occupies, was designed in 1799 for the barracks of the Life Guards of the Izmailovsky Regiment by architect F. I. Volkov. Construction completed during 1805-1806. In 1884, according to the project of military engineer G. M. Zhitkov, the building was expanded and rebuilt with a change in the facade. In the 1990s, the building was overhauled and adapted to the needs of the school.

Currently, over 500 people study at the school in five departments in 16 specialties with 72 teachers. Among those who graduated from the school are laureates of various competitions, soloists and artists of the leading opera houses and orchestras of Russia. Many students after graduating from secondary and higher educational institutions returned to school, work as teachers and accompanists.

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