Château du Bosc is a 15th-century château, now a large restored family home, which stands in the French commune of Camjac in the Aveyron departement, in the Occitania region (Massif Central, France). It was the family home of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, where he spent much of his childhood and, later, summers with his family.

The château was partially listed as a historic monument by decree on 14 October 1991.

Château du Bosc is located in the commune of Camjac between Albi and Rodez.

Château du Bosc, founded in 1180, is an ancient fortress designed to protect the Viaur valley. The castle was partially destroyed and rebuilt in the 15th century.

The château, with its red shuttered windows, has a closed plan around a central courtyard with two corner turrets, now covered in the shape of Saracen helmets. Some of the unchanged room decorations date back to 1600. The roofs of the towers are “Polish-style” from the period of Louis XV’s marriage to Marie Leszczynska, who was of Polish origin.

The château is open to visitors all year round upon reservation tour.

The garden, known as the “Château du Bosc park”, was included in the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage in 2003.

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