Champignons and weight loss: nutritionists’ opinions and recommendations

Champignons have long been attributed as popular products and indispensable ingredients in a variety of dishes. However, it makes sense to ask the question: how appropriate are these mushrooms for diet programs? Their qualities, which make it possible to quickly cope with the feeling of hunger, make it possible to judge mushrooms as diet foods. This is confirmed by other properties. This is what my post is about today.

Champignons are rich in valuable components for the body. First of all, we are talking about vitamins. This applies to ascorbic acid, vitamins Bs, as well as fat-soluble cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol (vitamins from group D). In addition, a large number of fatty acids and a modest content of carbohydrate components in the composition of mushrooms complement their beneficial properties.

Mineral substances, as well as compounds on the basis of which proteins are formed, are also an important component of these fungi. Mushrooms also have a fairly large amount of phosphorus compounds, and this, in turn, gives them the qualities that seafood also has.

Since champignons contain vegetable protein, it is justifiable to include such mushrooms in weight-loss programs for vegetarians too. As a result, the muscles and their tone will receive proper support. This protein serves as a substitute for the proteins that make up meat products.

The content of sugary components in mushrooms is extremely small. As a result – a short list of contraindications to the use of these mushrooms for dietary purposes can be found. Moreover, they can be included in diabetic’s diets too.

Champignons have a beneficial effect on the hair and skin. Thanks to them, skin conditions can often be reduced and the skin’s appearance and color improve. In addition, vitamin B9, a component of mushrooms (also called folic acid), provides powerful support to the immune system and the functioning of the circulatory system, as well as the normalization of hormonal metabolism in women.

Being a low-calorie product, champignons are actively used in the development of diet menus. 100 grams of mushrooms account for about 30 kcal, which is a beneficial effect on the figure. Specially developed weight-loss programs with the participation of these mushrooms, include fasting. A significant share in the composition of mushrooms is water. This figure is close to 85%.

Based on a number of studies, it was found that if you replace a traditional menu with a small portion of mushrooms (it is about 160 grams), then in 30 days you can lose 2-3 kilograms of excess weight. You should not be embarrassed by such a modest portion in volume, since these mushrooms do an excellent job with the feeling of hunger and provide a steady sense of satiety.

The filling feeling that comes from eating mushrooms is achieved thanks to the fiberous nature of the vegetable. In addition, these components contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes. Additionally, energy metabolism is also activated, and the body will not face the problem of the lack of substances required for its vital activity.

As champignons combine well with other foods, they weigh in favor of the inclusion of mushrooms in diets aimed at losing weight. Mushrooms can be found in almost any grocery store, and their cost does not destroy the budget.

As a rule, mushrooms contribute to improving the taste of dishes. Cooking these mushrooms is easy enough, you do not need special skills.

As for the choice of which type of champignons is best for dieting, the prevailing opinion is that it is best to use fresh mushrooms. This conclusion was made by experts who analyzed feedback from people who have tried this weight loss program. However, this condition is not mandatory and strict. You can make a choice to use the frozen version, or use dried mushrooms in cooking. The only disadvantage with this approach would be the loss of flavor, however, the mushroom’s valuable components will remain.

Perhaps one of the few negative properties of mushrooms is the content of chitin in their composition. It is a natural component that relates to polysaccharide compounds with nitrogen. This substance provides the stiffness of the cells of fungi, protecting them. However, for the human body, chitin does not carry any benefit and is not absorbed. In this regard, some experts classify mushrooms as relatively “heavy” food, since they can impede the digestive process. A modest portion of mushrooms is connected with this. There are also age restrictions on the use of mushrooms for food, but they mainly relate to children.

The total mass of mushrooms in the daily diet should not exceed 320 grams. The diet menu is combined with a sufficient volume of liquid, for which ordinary pure water or mineral water without gas is suitable.

Consider the option of the mushroom diet, which is designed for 2 days.

First day of the champignons diet:

The first day contains four meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and an evening meal.

For breakfast, eat 200 ml of kefir, as well as 80 grams of cottage cheese. Products must contain a minimum level of fat.

When eating, eat 180 grams of baked mushrooms. In addition, eat a small portion of vegetable salad. A portion of 120 grams will be sufficient.

As an afternoon snack, eat 120 grams of boiled chicken breast, as well as 150 grams of yogurt.

An evening meal includes a 180-gram serving of salad, the main ingredients of which are asparagus and arugula, 120 grams of mushrooms, which should be baked, and 150 ml of herbal tea. Of course, the drink should not contain sugar.

Second day of the champignons diet:

On the second day, there are five daily meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon snack and evening meal.

For breakfast, drink a glass of low-fat milk. Additionally, eat a slice of black bread.

Lunch: 150 grams of yogurt and a slice of wholemeal bread.

For lunch, cook a mushroom soup. The volume of the portion should not exceed 230 ml. A good addition to the daily meal will be a vegetable salad (about 200 grams).

As a snack, boiled rice can be served – about 120 grams. Additionally, drink 150 ml of low-fat kefir.

Evening meals include grilled fish fillets (about 180 grams). You should choose a lean fish. In addition, eat 120 grams of grilled mushrooms.

There is another approach to the program of weight loss based on champignons. Basically, it is used by some Western celebrities, and the technique itself was developed in the USA. The essence of this method of losing weight is that every day one or two meals are replaced with mushrooms. Most often it concerns the lunchtime or evening meal. Breakfast is best left traditional. One portion of mushrooms is about 180 grams by weight. The diet program lasts 2 weeks, as a result of which, according to reviews, you can lose 3-4 kilograms of excess weight.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t dwell on the negative effects. As noted earlier, the list is rather poor, however, people who suffer from inflammatory diseases of the pancreas and ulcerative pathologies of the stomach will have to abandon the mushroom diet. In addition, you should not resort to such a program of weight loss if you suffer from low stomach acidity or liver problems. Of course, timely consultation with the doctor is one of the main conditions of the slimming scheme using mushrooms.

Eat right!

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