Central House of the workers of Art in Moscow

The Central House of the workers of Art (TsDRI) in Moscow is a cultural and educational institution; creative club of artists (theater, fine arts, music, variety art, etc.).

This house of artists, created on the initiative of the People’s Commissar of Education Anatoly Lunacharsky, was opened on February 25, 1930.

The Central House of the workers of Art is the only creative house in Moscow that has not stopped working for a single day in its entire history, even during the Great Patriotic War. It was from here that the front-line acting brigades went to the front.

Awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples.

Today, The Central House of the workers of Art exists in the form of an autonomous non-profit organization, has the right to own the building at 9/6 Pushechnaya St. (former German Club).

The governing body is the Board, which includes figures of arts, science and culture. A variety of events are held daily in the Central House of the workers of Art: concerts, performances, exhibitions; there are creative clubs and associations. TsDRI performs today not only a club, but also a cultural and educational function. There are evenings for children, students and veterans.

Working hours: daily, 12:00–00:00

Address: Pushechnaya st., 9/6, Moscow (Entrance from the Kuznetsky Most metro station)

Nearest metro: Kuznetsky Most, Lubyanka.

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