Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army

The Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army (until 1993 – the Central Academic Theater of the Soviet Army) is a Moscow academic drama theater founded on February 6, 1930.

It has the largest stage in Europe. Since its inception, it has been a departmental theater of the Armed Forces of the USSR – many actors liable for military service “served” on its stage.

The theater building is in house number 2 on Suvorovskaya Square in Moscow, next to the Dostoevskaya metro station.

In the early years of the existence of the young theater, performances were held in the Central House of the Red Army concert hall and at concert venues. In December 1929, the Political Directorate of the Red Army decided to organize the Central Theater of the Red Army (CTKA). On February 6, 1930, it was opened. On this day, the first performance dedicated to the Soviet-Chinese conflict on the Chinese Eastern Railway occurred. At the very beginning, the structure of the TsTKA included a drama troupe, a theater of small forms (monologues, couplets, sketches), a song and dance ensemble, and a puppet theater.

The construction of the theater building went on from 1934 to 1940 on Suvorovskaya Square, which at that time was called Commune Square. The architects of the building were Karo Alabyan and Vasily Simbirtsev, with the participation of Boris Barkhin. This is the first theater building designed and built in Moscow after the revolution. The plan was based on the emblem of the Soviet army – a five-pointed star.

The building is an example of Stalinist Empire architecture. The external image of the theater and its interiors reflect the peculiarities of the architectural orientation of the second half of the 1930s, the period of the departure of Soviet architecture from rationalism and passion for the classical heritage of Russian and world architecture. Evidence of this is the axial pyramidal composition of the building, colonnades and sculptural decoration. The building is framed by 96 columns 18 meters high.

On Suvorovskaya Square, next to the theater, there are other army institutions: the Central House of the Russian Army and the Central Museum of the Armed Forces.

Working hours: 

11:00–15:00, 16:00–19:00
11:00–15:00, 16:00–19:00
11:00–15:00, 16:00–19:00
11:00–15:00, 16:00–19:00
11:00–15:00, 16:00–19:00
11:00–15:00, 16:00–19:00
11:00–15:00, 16:00–19:00

Address: Suvorovskaya Square, 2, Moscow

Nearest metro: Dostoevskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Mendeleevskaya.

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