Cedeira and its lighthouses

Cedeira is a city and a municipality in the province of A Coruña in the autonomous community of Galicia, northwestern Spain. It is situated in the northern coast of the Rías Altas of the Atlantic resorts of Spain.

Cedeira’s economic activity is based mainly on the services sector, especially due to the growth of the hotel business and tourist activities that the municipality has experienced in recent years. Fishing and agricultural activities also play an important role.

Main attractions

Red Square. Officially called Plaza del Sagrado Corazón until June 2016, this square overlooking the sea was renamed by the City Council with its popular name “Praza Roxa”, which is due to the floor of the same color. It is a very busy place, since the whole square is surrounded by cafes; in addition, there is a playground and gardens where children usually play.

Castelo da Concepción, also called Fortín da Concepción, is an 18th century military fortress full of history. Located at the top of Punta Sarridal, it has been guarding the estuary since 1747 and has witnessed great battles.

Nearby is the site of Santo André (or San Andres), a pre-Christian pilgrimage site, with a holy well. Parts of the chapel at San Andres dates from the 12th century, although most of the structure was designed by Miguel Lopez de la Peña and built in 1789.

The Mares de Cedeira Museum is a museum cultural initiative to highlight the work of the men and women of the sea, to promote their means of work and to spread the maritime culture. It was inaugurated on July 23, 2016 and covers an area of 320 square meters distributed in different rooms.


Punta Candieira Lighthouse. It was built between 1929 and 1933, although it did not begin to function until 1954. Its light is nine meters high and reaches 21 nautical miles.

Robaleira Lighthouse. Also known as Faro de Cedeira or Faro de Punta Promontorio, this lighthouse was built in 1862. Its light reaches 11 nautical miles.

Punta Sarridal lighthouse. Located more than 30 meters above sea level, this lighthouse is seven meters high and has a light that reaches 11 nautical miles.


Magdalena beach. It is the busiest and most well-known beach in Cedeira for being the only urban beach and for its length (1,400 meters in length and an average of 35 meters in width).

Area Longa beach. This beach is located next to the port and the low tide does not affect it too much.

Beach of the Sonreiras. Next to Punta Sarridal, it can be accessed by foot or by sea.

Playa de las Burbujas. This beach can only be accessed by foot.

Beach of My Lady. This beach with crystal clear waters is very little known, since it can only be accessed by foot, going down a fairly steep terrain.

How to get to?

The nearest airport is A Coruna (LCG).

From A Coruña 1 hr 11 min (80.3 km) via AP-9 and AC-566

From Santiago de Compostela 1 hr 35 min (123 km) via AP-9

From Madrid 5 hr 55 min (605 km) via A-6

Main information

Area: 85 km² (municipality)

Coordinates: 43°39′N 8°03′W

Population: 6676

Languages: Spanish, Galician

Currency: Euro

Visa: Schengen

Time: Central European UTC +1

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