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In 2019, electricity tariffs in Andorra will increase by 1%

FEDA’s (National Energy Company of Andorra) electricity tariffs will increase by 1.05% in 2019, which is lower than the price index. Thus, despite this increase, the price of electricity in Andorra will remain at a competitive level in comparison with neighboring countries.

“Tariffs should cover the cost of production, purchase and transportation of electricity while ensuring …

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A national computer system will be created to inform citizens about the quality of drinking water in Andorra

The Government of Andorra has begun to develop a national information system dedicated to the quality of drinking water. The system is called SINACH. It provides for the creation of a unified IT support system for all administrative resources that control the quality of drinking water in the principality.

The results of the monitoring from its …

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Monaco will host FIM General Assembly & Awards in 2019 and 2020

On 30 November & 1 December 2019, more than 100 national motorcycling federations, fuelled by the same passion, will converge on Monaco to celebrate their shared values of courage, excellence and commitment, whilst enjoying a unique opportunity to network with the industry’s leaders and decision-makers.

The crowning moment of the weekend will be the FIM Awards, …