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Standard & Poor’s has decreased Andorra’s rating to the level of BBB+ because of the banking sector expansion risks

The international agency Standard & Poor’s has decreased Andorra’s rate by one step – to BBB+  level in 2014. The report of the agency says  that “the focus on state reforms  didn’t manage to compensate the level of international expansion risks from financial sector side”. At that, the rate of short-term payments remained at the …

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Andorra bus. All routes, tariffs, stations



All bus routes to and from Andorra. Stations, prices and schedules


Andorra – Barcelona (ALSA)

Andorra – Barcelona (NOVATEL)

Andorra – Barcelona (DIRECT BUS)

Andorra – Toulouse (NOVATEL)

Andorra – Madrid (ALSA)

Andorra – Lleida  – RENFE estació de tren (MONTMANTELL)

Andorra – La …

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Andorra, Monaco, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Iceland, Malta, Montenegro and San-Marino will unify the efforts in protecting their interests on the international arena

The heads of diminutive European states (Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, San-Marino and Andorra) met in Andorra at the common session on 25-26th September. The meeting resulted in a number of joint statements.

Their essence bases on the following ideas: diminutive European states should play a more significant role in the international processes, that is why …