World best cars by Jordi Vilaró

The Renault Juvaquatre from 1940

The Renault Juvaquatre is a small family car / compact car automobile produced by the French manufacturer Renault between 1937 and 1960, although production stopped or slowed to a trickle during the war years. The Juvaquatre was produced as a sedan/saloon until 1948 when the plant switched its full attention to the new Renault 4CV. …

Castles and fortresses of Spain and France with Mathew Kristes

Castle of Saint-Jean-d’Angle and its prize (Prix Europa Nostra) for the quality of its restoration

The castle of Saint-Jean-d’Angle (Château de Saint-Jean-d’Angle) in Saint-Jean-d’Angle in Charente-Maritime is built on the model known as the shell keep. It is listed as a historical monument and received the Grand Prix des Vieilles Maisons Françaises and the Prix Europa Nostra for the quality of its restoration. It takes its name from the town …

The cities of the Pyrenees and around with Andrew Morato

La Rochelle – fortified city

La Rochell is a town in the southwest of France, the historic capital of Aunis and the prefecture of the Charente-Maritime department, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

With about 75,000 inhabitants in 2020, La Rochelle is the most populous municipality in the department, ahead of Saintes, Rochefort and Royan and occupies the fifth regional rank in New …