The sound of music with Dmitry Tolkunov

Louie Austen: I do it for myself

Louie Austen is a really unique and incomparable artist. Having many exciting life experiences and a rich artistic background, he worked for years as a crooner singer in some of the world’s top hotels and casinos. Being just a crooner singer of other people songs and an impersonator of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra at …

Castles and fortresses of Spain and France with Mathew Kristes

Castle mill Ratera

Castle-mill Ratera (cat. Castell-molí de Ratera) is located in a field on the right bank of the River Sio. It used the river water to power the flour mill, now abandoned. Initially, the building consisted of two rectangular buildings interconnected by means of a cylindrical tower that hid a spiral staircase and originated from the …