Sports and living in the Pyrenees with Irina Rybalchenko

Rules of conduct in the winter in the mountains: basic recommendations from mountain instructors and guides from the French university, STAPS

What to take on a hike in the mountains? This is what my blog is about today.

Equipment. Regardless of the weather, a hiker’s backpack should always include waterproof and windproof clothing, such as Gore-tex, and warm clothing (fleece, thermal underwear, etc.). In winter, a spare pair of warm gloves is a must. You will also …

History of Europe with Alex Mostaslavski: Spain, France, Pyrenees

The University of Cervera – the erection Royal Decree was signed on October 14, 1717

The University of Cervera


1717- Royal Decree of Erection of the University
1728 – First statutes
1730- The Santa Seu recognizes the university studies of Cervera
1765- The University loses the monopoly of its studies
1809-1814- Closure of the University due to the French War
1820-1823- University closure due to the liberal uprising
1842 – Final transfer of the …