The sound of music with Dmitry Tolkunov

The Residents: The spirit is still the same

Homer Flynn, the official representative and spokesman of the most bizarre art collective of our time, The Residents, talks about latest album “Eskimo Deconstructed”, their plans for new releases, current tours and new videos, inspirations, as well as much more

The Residents could be marked as the most mysterious art project from the 20th and 21st …

Transport and fighting vehicles by Andrew Pantele

The Baldwin diesel engine Type 606 A1A-62 000 from 1946

The Baldwin diesel engine Type 606 A1A-62 000 (for French locomotives) from 1946

The Baldwin Locomotive Works (BLW) was an American manufacturer of railroad locomotives from 1825 to 1956. Originally located in Philadelphia, it moved to nearby Eddystone, Pennsylvania, in the early 20th century. The company was for decades the world’s largest producer of steam locomotives, …