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Raul Ferre’s explosive debut in the Catalonian Auto-racing Championship 2019 will be on April 13 and 14

Raúl Ferré, the budding 21-year-old Andorran pilot who enjoys the support of the youth program of the Andorran Automobile Club, the champion of the Car Cross Crèdit category Andorrà G-Series, will take part in the 2019 Catalonian Championship.

Having completed his magnificent performance in Tarragona, Raul Ferret proved that he is fully ready for this competition. …

News of Pyrenees

Margeners de Guissona, the “castell” group constructing a human tower of Guissona (Segarra), took part in the city’s carnival

foto: Guissona

Margeners de Guissona, the “castell” group constructing a human tower of Guissona (Segarra), took part in the city’s carnival. The Castelians were dressed in sheep costumes alongside a shepherd, a dog and a black sheep. The group ranked third in the carnival costume contest.

The group was created in 2007 as a result …

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Spring poetry in Lleida with a new edition of “poetic evenings”

The City Council of Lleida begins a new cycle of “poetic evenings”. The cycle consists of poetic readings by the following authors: Núria Miret (“Amb pedra”) – March 6, Amat Baró (“La marca de Caín”) – April 3, Josep M.Rodríguez (“Oxigen pur”) —May 8 and Enric Boluda (“Dir-se”) —June 5.

Poetry evenings will be held in …

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Catalonia Truffle Fair to be held in Solsona


Thursday, March 7

From 18:00 to 20:00 – workshop for the preparation of truffles in combination with wine tasting (chef of the restaurant Mare de la Font de Solsona). Registration by 973 48 16 44 (from 8:00 to 15:00) or via email on [email protected] Registration fee: 10 euros

Saturday, March 9

From 10:00 in the …

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Tour de France, July 21: preparations for this international event

This year, the arrival of the Tour de France in Ariège will be at Prat d’Albis.

The reception of the runners and spectators will involve 6 municipalities of the Agglomeration Pays Foix Varilhes Community:







and also those of Saurat, Arignac, Bedeilhac …

Meetings between these communes with the security and relief services took place in December 2018 and …