Cathar Market in Castellbò: Fair of Good People

Montferrer i Castellbò municipality in Catalonia, Spain, is located in the Alt Urgell region. The municipal head is the village of Montferrer.

It includes the decentralized municipal entity of Vila i Vall de Castellbò, which includes the old town of Castellbò with its district.

The area of Montferrer and Castellbò is integrated into the Segre depression. The population centers are in three valleys that empty their waters either into the Segre River, or into a subsidiary valley.

The main valley, the historic center of the viscounty of Castellbò, is the valley of the river Castellbò, which pours its waters directly into the Segre River.

The area of Montferrer and Castellbó is part of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park.

Photos: Irina Rybalchenko, Joan Mañé Fort


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