Catalan government will consult with Pyrenees residents over 2030 Winter Olympics project

The Government of Catalonia, Spain, finds that 3 in 4 residents in mountainous region (Pyrenees) are interested in hosting the Olympic Games 2010.

This was announced by the presidency minister, Laura Vilagrà, in a press conference following the first meeting of the Board of Territorial Representation of the Olympic candidacy.

A survey commissioned by the executive last month showed that 74% of those questioned find the possibility of hosting the Games ‘interesting’, and view the idea positively. A total of 1,506 people took part in the survey, 300 of whom were residents of the Pyrenees and the rest living in other parts of the mountainous region.

The final decision, however, will be taken based on the consultation in spring, which will take place between residents of the counties Val d’Aran, Alta Ribagorça, Pallars Sobirà, Pallars Jussà, Alt Urgell, and Cerdanya.

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