The castle of Puñoenrostro dates back to the XIV century

The castle of Puñoenrostro is a fortification of the Spanish municipality of Seseña, in the Toledo province, in Castilla-La Mancha, at a height above sea level of about 655 meters. It has been protected since 1949.

It is very well preserved, and is privately owned.

The castle of Puñoenrostro dates back to the XIV century; It was ceded by Enrique IV to his secretary D. Diego Arias de Ávila.

The keep occupies most of its construction. This is a square body of about 40 meters, with an outdoor enclosure of almost 7 meters wide.

The main access is located to the east. The door, which had a drawbridge, opens to the south between two cubbyholes.

The interior of the castle was also ruined, except for vaults in the tower floors; There are also three underground stables.

GPS coordinates: 40°06′21″N 3°42′26″W

How to get to?

From Madrid 1 hr 1 min (44.6 km) via A-4

From Toledo 46 min (50.7 km) via A-42

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