Andorra (Pyrenees)

La Massana

Tuesday, 29th October – Friday, 1st November around the parish.

TUESDAY from 17h – 18.30h in the public library for children aged

6 – 16. All Saints Workshop: Make your own Halloween tree. Organised by La Capsa. Prior booking Tel 324 558.

WEDNESDAY: 17.30h in the public library. Bruixes i Bruixots (witches and sorcerers) Family storytelling for 4year olds and over. Read by Asumpta Mercader. Places limited Tel. 838910

THURSDAY: 10h at the Casa Pairall/Llar. An intergenerational workshop making Panellets (traditional, ball-shaped sweetmeats) for children 6 and over (accompanied by an adult) and gent gran (Seniors) 60 and over. (Places limited, prior booking essential at 736 911.)

17.30h at the Casa Pairall. Castanyada (chestnuts)

From 19h – 20.30h in the Plaça de les Fontetes: Terror makeup! At 21h in the Plaça de les Fontetes: Castanyada. 21h – 01h in the Edifici Communal dels Arcs (next to Crèdit Andorrà). Tickets on sale in the Plaça de les Fontetes from 20h. Minimum group of 4 and maximum of 6. Places limited.

FRIDAY: Outing to the Barcelona Salon of Manga Cartoons for youngsters 12 and over. Information and inscriptions: 836 505.

From 28th – 31st October All Saints Workshops for children aged 3 – 11. Information and inscriptions: 303 202 / 839 319. Workshops and Activities for those over 12 at Punt 400. Information and inscriptions: 836 505. And also:
v The Tunnel of Terror.

Halloween: from 18h – 23h at the La Massana gondola. Live the Halloween horror with Vallnord – Pal Arinsal. This
year at the La Massana gondola you will find a tunnel of terror. You will …, but can you leave? HOW SCARY! 10€. From 18h – 20h. Suitable for children from 10-years-old. TERRORISM! 20€ from 21h – 24h.

Appropriate for those 14 years and over. Children between 14 and 16-years-old must come with an adult.

CASTANYADA around the other parishes on Thursday 31st October unless otherwise stated.

Encamp & Pas de la Casa: 19h in the Plaça de San Miguel, Encamp and the Plaça de l’Eglésia, Pas de la Casa. All Saints is celebrated with traditional castanyes or chestnuts. This popular festival is organized around hot chestnuts, well wrapped in paper cones, and with good tasting muscatel to ease them down, thus celebrating of one
of Encamp parish’s most deep-rooted festivals. Note: The Castanyes will be distributed until they run out, so get there on time!

Escaldes-Engordany: at 22h in the Plaça dels Dos Valires. There will be a cast of chestnuts, muscatel and disco music to brighten up the evening.

Canillo, 1st November, at 17h in the Plaça Montaup. You are invited to share with the parish the traditional Castanyada.


From Monday 28th – Thursday, 31st October at 17h at the University Communal Library, San Julia de Loria
Bibliovacances are aimed at children aged from 3 to 10.

Pre-booking essential: Tel. 744 044 or [email protected]

MONDAY: Contes del Pirineu (Stories of the Pyrenees) by Carol Caubet. (All in Catalan) Synopsis: A collection of tales, among which we can find The Treasure of the Moon, The Stone Soup, The Hens of Aristotus, The Necessity, A Very Strange Girl and The Magician of colours.

TUESDAY: Family music workshop, by Sonadons. 17h Group1: boys and girls aged from 3 to 4. 18h Group 2 boys and girls from 5 to 6.

Synopsis: we will sing together as a family, play with the rainbow, we will explore sound, we will dance, we will drag ourselves around like snakes, we will jump like bunnies and we will move like elephants. We will learn songs from distant countries and we will go into space with a rocket.

WEDNESDAY: Storytime. El fill del sabater, (The Shoemaker’s Son) with Jordina Biosca. Synopsis: Ivan has decided to go around the world. During his travels, he comes to a town where, at the top of a hill, there is an abandoned castle. Abandoned? No, no! Something malicious is there, because everyone who has gone in has never returned. Ivan, however, is brave and decides to go and see what’s going on there.

THURSDAY: Art Workshop using recycled materials, with La Moixera. A dark lantern and a monstrous pot, reusing glass jars.

TOTS SANTS WORKSHOPS AT CAEE, Escaldes-Engordany Art Center.

From Monday, 28th – Thursday, 31st October from 16.30h – 18h

Ghosts are the protagonists of many terrifying tales, Halloween parties, scary films and the roles of All Saints at CAEE.

Ghosts: Creative workshops that combine art, legends, music and films.

Activities aimed at children aged from 6 to 11.

Pre-book on Tel 802 255 or [email protected] Price: 12€ for the week.

MONDAY: The Flying Dutchman. The Flying Dutchman is the name of a ghost ship and the story of his captain, condemned not to return to port but to wander forever on the oceans of the world. Inspired by this phantom legend, we will take part in various creative activities.

TUESDAY: The Phantom of the Opera. The phantom of the opera is a novel by Gaston Leroux, a product of his imagination or inspired by a real character, I do not know … This fantasy of a love for opera and music is the thread that unites this opera workshop

WEDNESDAY: CasperA is a cute and curious ghost, featured in cartoons and films. Casper and his companions in the haunted house inspire us to make different phantom festival decorations with recycled material.

THURSDAY: Caçafantasmas or Ghost Catchers. The ghost catchers, fight against the ghosts of New York and their pet Babetes decorate a chilling snack.

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