Cassan Abbey (fr. Château-abbaye de Cassan) is an 18th-century building in France, classified as a historical monument. It is located in Roujan commune, Hérault département, Occitania, near Montpellier (former Languedoc region).

The Augustinian priory was founded in 1080, on land donated by the Alquier noble family of Béziers. A new church was consecrated on 6 October 1115.

The vineyard of Cassan concentrate, on a small area, a large number of geological situations, topography and sun expositions. The terroir his various, original and of quality. Specialist, winemaker or the hiker observe, each one, the numerous geological disruptions that this particular Hérault sector has experienced, trough this large variety of soils, of all ages and all origins. The Chateau-Abbaye de Cassan is likewise established between two volcanos (the Ste Marthe and St Hilaire hills), on which the basalt rocks ingrained the leaned vineyard.


Adult rate “Winegrower Entrance” 15 €
Adult price 8 €
Reduced price 5 €
Child rate 5 €

Address: Route de Gabian, Roujan, 34320, France

Coordinates: 43°30′35″N 3°17′17″E

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