The Casa de l’Ardiaca is a peculiar house located in the Gothic neighborhood of Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).


It was the building in which the Archdeacon, an ecclesiastical hierarchy now defunct, lived since the 12th century when Barcelona Cathedral began to take its current Gothic form. Since then the building has undergone multiple renovations. The most significant is the one made by Lluís Desplà i d’Oms in the 16th century. This reform turned the House into a Palace with a Gothic structure.

In 1870 the house was bought at auction by Josep Altimira. He, together with Josep Garriga, was the architect of an important remodeling of the building by uniting it with the neighboring Casa del Degà. The patio took the shape of a cloister with these reforms.

Later, in 1895 it became the headquarters of the Barcelona Bar Association, which in 1902 commissioned the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner to decorate the building.

Finally, in 1920 it became property of the Barcelona City Council, and since 1921 it has been the headquarters of the Historical Archive of the City of Barcelona.

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