The Carucedo lake stands out due to the Roman excavations of Las Médulas

The Carucedo lake (Lago de Carucedo) is located in the westernmost part of the El Bierzo region, west of the province of León, in the autonomous community of Castile and León (Spain). It stands out due to the Roman excavations of Las Médulas.

The lake has a perimeter of approximately 5 kilometers and a maximum depth of 9 meters.

In El Bierzo there is a legend that the sword of Roldán is found in the Carucedo lake, near the Roman mines of Las Médulas.

There are a few beaches, quite popular in summer among the locals.

Las Médulas is a historic gold-mining site near the town of Ponferrada in the comarca of El Bierzo. It was the most important gold mine, as well as the largest open-pit gold mine in the entire Roman Empire. Las Médulas Cultural Landscape is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Advanced aerial surveys conducted in 2014 using LIDAR have confirmed the wide extent of the Roman-era works.

How to get to?

From León 1 hr 34 min (141 km) via AP-71 and A-6

From Valladolid 2 hr 43 min (262 km) via A-6

From Madrid 4 hr 4 min (415 km) via A-6

GPS coordinates: 42°29′22″N 6°46′52″W

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