Moskvitch 401

Moskvitch-400 is a Soviet small-class Group I car, produced at the Small Car Plant in Moscow (“ZMA”, later “MZMA”) from December 1946 to 1954. The first mass-produced passenger car sold in the USSR for individual use – instead of its previously planned analog KIM-10/10-52.

The design was identical to the Opel Kadett K38, produced in 1937-1940 in Germany by Adam Opel A.G., owned by the American concern General Motors. According to some sources, the device was recreated after the war on the basis of surviving copies, since the original technical documentation was not preserved; according to others, in particular, Dolmatovsky, both drawings and equipment were obtained through reparations.

Moskvitch-401 is an improved version with increased engine power and a modified transmission, produced from 1954 to 1956. In total, 216,006 sedans and 17,742 convertibles were produced over 10 years. The retail selling price of Moskvitch-400 was 8,000 rubles, and Moskvich-401 was 9,000 rubles.


  • Moskvitch (MZMA)-400-420 (1946—1954): sedan
  • MZMA-400-420A (1949—1954): cabriolet-sedan
  • MZMA-400-420B: variant for disabled persons
  • MZMA-400-422 (1948—1956): wagon car with wooden body
  • MZMA-400-420K: isothermal wagon car
  • MZMA-400-420M: medical wagon car
  • MZMA-401-420 (1954—1956): modernized sedan
  • MZMA-401-420B: modernized car for disabled persons
  • MZMA-401-422 (1954—1956): wood-metal wagon
  • APA-7: airport version

Assembly: Moskvitch plant (Moscow, USSR)

Years of production: 1946—1956

Issued: 216,006 items

Length: 3855 mm

Width: 1400 mm

Height: 1555 mm

Engine: 4 cylinders; 1074 cc

Power: 26 HP

Max speed: 90 km/h

Weight: 855 kg

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