Carrot custard with broccoli and spinach foam


8 eggs
1⁄2 l milk
1⁄2 l vegetable milk cream
Salt, pepper and nutmeg
½ kg of carrots
1 broccoli
bunch of spinach
Toasted bread


Peel and chop the carrots, cut the broccoli into small florets and clean the spinach carefully.


In a saucepan with boiling salted water, cook the carrots and when cooked drain them and mash into a puree, then cook the broccoli “al dente”, cool immediately with ice-cold water, to prevent the loss of the bright green color of chlorophyll, drain and set aside.

Blanch the spinach with some salted water, then cool, drain and blend with some of its cooking water and a couple of sheets of gelatin, previously soaked in cold water and melted in the microwave. Strain and pour into a siphon with a load of gas, keep it in the fridge so that it can be used as a foam for the custard at the time of serving.

In a bowl beat the eggs with milk and cream, season with salt, pepper, and a little nutmeg, add the carrot puree and mix it so that it is all combined. Pour the mix into individual flan dishes or into a cake mold, up to one-third, add a piece of broccoli to each dish and fill up with the rest of the carrot mix. Place all the molds in a dish and cook in the oven in a water bath at 85ºC for about 45 minutes.


Once cooled take out from the mold on to a plate and decorate like a “custard with cream” with spinach foam. Serve with the remaining broccoli and toast on the side.


You can make the vegetable flan with other vegetables, as long as they mix well, taking into account the taste and colors.


Raw, grated or cooked carrot is recommended for all stomachs, it is rich in beta carotene (an orange pigment precursor to vitamin A, essential for skin and eyesight) and also natural sugars. It is a great sweet snack between meals, it helps to soothe throat pain and gives color and improves the digestion of many recipes. Spinach stands out for its high content of iron, fiber and chlorophyll. Raw spinach is rich in folic acid, a key vitamin for the heart, brain and very important during pregnancy.

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