The Cape Cerbère lighthouse is the last French lighthouse before the border with Catalonia (Spain), also called a “solar lighthouse”.

It is located at Cap Cerbère in the commune of Cerbère (Pyrénées-Orientales, Occitania, France), the last commune on the Vermeille coast in a natural landscape which makes it a popular stopover on the hiking trail.

This construction was undertaken to replace the old light at the port of Cerbère removed in 1980. It is the work of the Lucien Guerra beaureau from Paris. The site of the very high cliffs of Cape Cerbère was chosen, but it was necessary to exclude any electricity supply by overhead line so as not to distort the landscape.

In 1982, this modern lighthouse was completed and is powered by solar panels. It is a gray stone tower with a red top.

Height: 10m
Focal height: 55m
Scope: 15 miles
Lights: flashing white / 4 s

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