Canyoning and other “sport excursions” are a great way to rediscover nature, says Victor Leveque, director of the company Extérieur-Nature

Director of Extérieur-Nature company, and a graduate of the Sports Management faculty of STAPS University (France), Victor Leveque, told about several ways to get to know the nature of the 66th region of France Pyrénées-Orientales, having unforgettable experiences and getting a fair amount of adrenaline:

“We organize many different sports events. There are activities in the water, such as canyoning, hydrospeed, rafting, and tubing. We also organise activities high in the mountains, for example, via ferrata and rock climbing in summer and heli-skiing in winter. And, also there are some dizzying descents on mountain bikes and walks in the mountains.

Each of the activities has several levels of complexity. Before the beginning of each event, we get acquainted with our clients, we communicate with them to understand their preferences and level. All events are designed for entertainment. It should be just for fun, nothing more!

Canyoning is one of the most popular types of “sports excursions” today. In France, you can find many canyons. They are different: the canyons in the Alps differ from the canyons of the Pyrenees. Personally, I give my preference to the Pyrenees. I’m not just talking about France. There are beautiful canyons on the border with Spain, as well as in Andorra.

All excursions are accompanied by qualified guides that will ensure your safety throughout the whole route. Each guide can take no more than 10 people. Therefore, everything should be planned in advance and reservation is necessary.

For all water activities, the minimum age is 8 years. We organize canyoning for children and adults who prefer to stay out of the extreme. It is ideal for the whole family (* the individual price is 39 euros, the family rate for 4 people is 35 euros, the group tariff for 8 people is 30 euros).

There is also a canyon for adults and children from 12 years with descents inside waterfalls up to 27 m, jumps up to 7 m and toboggans (* individual price is 49 euros, the family tariff for 4 people is 45 euros, group tariff for 8 people is 40 euros ).

Canyon Sensations, which includes 21 waterfalls, giant “pushing” descents, descents and jumps up to 9 meters (there is an alternative – 5 m), are available for those aged from 16 upwards. This canyon is the longest and I would call it the most beautiful in France – it is located in the heart of the Canigou massif. But remember – there is no way out of this canyon. Once you’ve begun, you have to continue until the end! (* Individual price – 59 euros, family rate for 4 people – 55 euros, group price for 8 people – 50 euros).

Finally, there is a canyon where you can spend the whole day (suitable for children from 16 years old). You will be offered a two-hour walk through the mountains and about five hours of canyoning in the very beautiful wild places of the 66th region of France (* the individual price is 79 euros, the family rate for 4 people is 75 euros, the group tariff for 8 people is 70 euros).

Canyoning is seasonal entertainment. It is possible from the beginning of April to the end of October. There is, however, an exception. We organize a visit to Thutes canyon which has hot water over 35 degrees, so this trip is available all year round. This is a great excursion, because, in my opinion, the best time for canyoning is the cold season (individual tariff – 45 euros, family tariff for 4 people – 43 euros, group tariff for 8 people – 40 euros). Visiting the canyon is possible for adults and children from 10-12 years.

Sports excursions are a great way to rediscover nature and the landscape. It’s a ride! And it’s not scary at all! “.


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