Candanchú is one the highest ski resort in the Spanish Pyrenees

Candanchú is located in the Pyrenees, in the province of Huesca, Aragon, Spain. The resort is located at an altitude of 1530 m, and its maximum height reaches 2400 m.

Candanchú is equipped with 24 lifts.


51 tracks, 50.5 km:

10 green runs

12 blue runs

16 red runs

13 black runs

The ski season lasts from December to April.

Candanchú is the most “alpine” (in the sense of the highest mountain) resort in the Pyrenees, with steep peaks surrounding the ski area at 360 degrees. In the shadow of Pico del Aspe (2,645 meters), the resort stretches all the way to the French border and each slope is unique. The difference in altitude of 900 m attracts the attention of ski mountaineering enthusiasts (Skimo).

Individual panoramic points allow you to see the valleys of Aragon, the Rioceta et Tortiellas circus, the Aspe valley (la vallée d’Aspe, France) and countless neighboring peaks over 3000 meters, such as Balaitus or Pic del Infierno.


Adult – 45-40 € / day;

Children – 37-32 € / day;


Adult – 279 euros / week

Child – 225 euros / week

Seasonal pass for adults: 959.00 euros;

Seasonal pass for children – 767.00 euros.

How to get there?

From Huesca 1 hr 15 min (98.7 km) via A-23

From Zaragoza 1 hr 55 min (166 km) via A-23

From Madrid 4 hr 44 min (482 km) via A-2

Buses between Yaca and Candanchú run daily.

Phone for inquiries: 974 37 30 17

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